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Declaration of compliance


This page is not a help page, but a declaration of compliance with the General Accessibility Framework for Administrations (RGAA) version 3.0 which aims to define the general level of accessibility observed on the website in accordance with regulations in place. This page is mandatory for the website’s compliance with the RGAA 3.0.

The declaration of compliance of was established on Friday, November 16, 2018.

The RGAA version used for performing tests is v. 3.0 RC2

Technologies used for the website

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Php

What is done to improve accessibility

For consultation

Aria elements and semantics have been positioned to improve accessibility

For submission/deposit

No accessibility or non-accessibility audit has been conducted on the submission/deposit.

Accessibility level

A complete audit has not yet been performed on the website.

We therefore cannot claim a level of accessibility.


Pages with one or several derogations

Page with a video or an audio recording.

The videos hosted on the website generally do not have an audio description although it would require one. Since these videos are not the property of declarant, it is not possible to intervene or modify them from the copyright standpoint.

Audio files have no transcription

Documents with Images files

The images hosted on the site as scientific content, generally have no description beyond that indicated by the depositor. Since these images are not the property of the declarant, it is not possible to intervene or modify according to respect for copyright.

Files (pdf, doc,..) : fulltext files hosted on the site are not accessible for their most part. It is impossible for us to ensure a minimum level of accessibility.


You can help us improve the accessibility of the site by notifying us of any problems you encounter. To do this, send us an email at accessibilite(at)

Last update: October 9, 2023
Created: October 9, 2023